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5 Tips To Reduce Your Addiction Technology

At present with more advanced technology, many people are lulled will service the technology itself that the time they spent countless hours with cool gadgets in their hands. However, if you want a life and technology are in balance, Alex Capecelatro who had worked at Fisker Automotive has 5 tips on reducing your addiction to technology which quoted of

Try something new at the weekend

Try doing physical or mental activity. If you have trouble getting an idea, try opening the site groupon or livingsocial just to look for the idea. If you’ve found an interesting thing to do, disconnect all of your connections and find the one place that provides the things you want it.

Quickly with Technology

Technology is inseparable from social life, especially when you’re stuck in traffic. With technologies such as GPS you can find the fastest route to get you to the destination.

Keep your phone

Okay, you’ve decided where your goals and how to get there, now make sure you do not see or hear the phone / mobile you. “It’s when you’re at your destination, you will see everyone is busy with the gadget, whether it is to call someone or send an email to their colleagues. to avoid this kind of thing you have to do is turn off your phone / mobile you, or leave it in the car “advice Capecelatro

Limit the use of

“Limit the use of how much you want to send email, browse, open facebook, and other social media open day. With the limit, you will not feel afraid that the technology will take over your life. “He continued

Living with Nature

The best remedy to get rid of your addiction to technology is living with nature, said Capecelatro. “You can use technology to plan everything, looking for information about the location where you will be camping with friends.

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