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7 Ideas for Starting a New Website and Make Money Online

If you are looking to start a New Website then take a look on this?article?coz this is?committed for you.?Starting an Online Business or Website has been become very easy these days; you just need a Good Idea and few?hundred?Dollars to start. But Nowadays Internet has been much crowded not just with visitors but also with web masters.?Everyone wants?to have their own website and online business.

But Going with a silly idea will not take you to the?Success. So think twice before opting a category for you new website. Take a look on market needs if you really want to go longer with your new idea. Here?i?am sharing 7 Ideas that may be helpful for you, if you are going to start a new website.

1.Pinterest?Tools and Guide

We all have been enjoyed?Orkut, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, now it?s time for?Pinterest.?It’s the?fastest growing new social media site, comes with an amazing concept. It seems that?Pinterest?is?going to be?new big thing in the world of social media and networks.?It’s basically?a content sharing service that allow you to Pin images, videos and other objects to your dashboard [pinboard]. The best thing about?Pinterest?is, it allows you to create and manage theme based collection.

Its popularity rising day by day and thousands of new members are connecting with this service every week.?As we know Facebook, Twitter is having the large social market share and there are lots of tools, and blogs on these markets. The future will be?Pinterest, Google+ occupying the remaining share or even they may grow over than Twitter or Facebook.

So the Idea is,?start a website or blog related to?Pinterest, you can develop a tool that helps to grow?Pinterest?followers, get more re-pins, you can also create a website/ blog to share Marketing Tips and?Advises?for?Pinterest?etc. If you not have much knowledge about such fields then you can start a simple product information?related?website for?Pinterest. Remember it?s a?beginning?of this new kind of social sharing site, so?it’s the?right time to get into?Pinterest?online business.

2. Question & Answer Website on Trending Topics

Q&A Websites are always popular over internet, there are lots of such websites, some popular are,?WikiHow, Yahoo Answers,?eHow,?Stackoverflow?etc. Though this idea is not new but it?s an evergreen idea. New Software and services will keep coming on internet and if you have expertise on them don’t waste your time, go with this Idea. For example Windows 8 is a trending topic these days; if you have?interest?on?Windows-based?OS you can start a Q&A Website on Windows 8.

It doesn’t matter with what topics you are going but always try to choose trending topics to get huge audience base. Windows 8, Google Chrome, Google’s SEO, iPad 3, Nokia?Lumia?are some trending topics over internet.

3. Android, iPhone and Tablet Apps

Android and iPhone are the two biggest App market for both developers and buyers. Specially the Android is becoming very huge and attracting thousands of new lovers every month. And?it is expected to grow even wider in the upcoming years. Even now it?s late to get into this market, but there are still some gaps exists in the market and you could easily fill those gaps by starting a website to sell hand-held Apps. Instead of going with all type of apps target a?particular?audience base. I mean to say, Target?particular?age group nowadays?teenagers and business?persons could be your biggest audience base.

Do some?research?on existing App Stores and make a list of those App which are most downloaded by a?particular?age group of people.?Remember?nowadays people are crazy about Gaming Apps, Music related Apps, and Connectivity related Apps. So choose your desired App market and go on.

4. Social Media Apps

If you take a look on Apps over?facebook?there are thousands of new apps coming every month and those apps not take too much time to get popularity. And there is no any big name in context of Facebook App yet, you could be the one.

You can start a new website dedicated to Facebook Apps, You can put there popular and new Facebook apps Information along with their rating, user reviews etc. There are lots of hackers group are?targeting?facebook?users by using fake Apps, so that if you play?genuinely?with the business, it will not take much time to gain popularity and trust.

5. Coupon Codes Website

Although there are some leaders in this segment but gaps still exist for small websites. ?You can start a website dedicated to discount coupons for?various?fields such as Hosting & Domain Service Providers, Online Shopping,?Restaurants,?and Malls etc.

There are millions of?people?who search for Coupon Codes before purchasing every week and if you could apply little precious effort you may be the leader in this field. It would be better if you find out a market that doesn?t have a coupon site and you can easily fill that gap. You can join?affiliate?programs of various online stores to promote their business with sharing their discount coupons along with?pouring?your pockets with good commissions, also.

6. Simple Utility Website to Solve Other’s Problems

If you are geek in any technology field such as Gaming,?Software, Apps, Web Development, Online Marketing, Windows based OS, etc. Then instead of creating a Website to publish your expertise via articles start a direct Problem Solving Service. Internet users got lots of problem and looks for their solution online, and those types of?people?are in millions.

For example, you can start a website on Web Development, where you can take inputs directly from users and help them to solve their problem by serving your expertise. For another example if you expert in?taxation, you can start?an online?service to help other’s tax related problems.

7. Free Images for Commercial Use

If you are a crazy photographer or love to capture everything with your Camera or love to develop/draw digital images, this could be biggest market for you. Start a website to share those pictures and allow using commercially as well. Either you can sell them for onetime payment or if you even can provide them free and make huge money with advertising on your site.

There are lots of bloggers and webmasters?search?for images to use in their articles, and existing paid services providers are charging huge money and the website offering free images has not much variety. So that need of a new website is?obvious.

There are lots of Ideas still existing, you just need to explore them, remember the very first step is to bring an idea for your business and in fact, the real work starts afterwards. I have seen who started with really?excellent?ideas but got failed just?because?of choosing wrong business strategies. Always keep focus you business on your particular field instead of trying to capture others.

Before going to make real any Idea, make a complete research about that, its future expect, Your Resources,?availability,?Targeting?Market etc.?Without doing any work, you could not bring a business up to the heights. You have to keep some patience and apply suitable market strategies.

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