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7 World Horrendous Hacker Attacks

The exploits of hackers interesting to follow, especially after the emergence of cases of theft of nude photos of Hollywood’s top celebrities. In the past, there are numerous cases of cyber attacks by hackers are more sophisticated and systematic. What are the examples?

Cyberwar or cyber war between nations, for example, is usually done systematically with the help of a reliable hackers. And the attacks usually target critical infrastructure of a country. But there are also individuals who because of their versatility hackers managed to launch a cyber attack that great.

Hacker attack anything that was considered quite scandalous? Include the following are quoted from various sources.

1. Titan Rain

China allegedly developed a remarkable capability of cyber attacks intended to spy on other countries. Especially the United States.

In 2003, China reportedly launched a massive cyber attack to the United States dubbed Titan Rain attacks. This attack lasted continuously for three years and is targeting an important institution in the land of Uncle Sam.

Originally known attacks originate from several locations in China. Although it is uncertain whether the individual perpetrator or was deliberately sponsored by the Asian countries.

Attack targets such as NASA, Lockheed Martin and Sandia National Laboratories. And besides the United States, operating Titan Rain was reported also targeting other countries, such as Britain.

According to media reports the Guardian when it Chinese attacks targeting the local Foreign Ministry to obtain valuable information.

2. Estonia Paralyzed

On 27 April 2007, large-scale cyber attacks struck Estonia. Target of the attack is an important local institutions such as parliament, banks, ministries, through the mass media.

Most manifold attacks distributed denial of service with a variety of methods. In addition, the method is also rampant spamming and defacement done by the perpetrators.

Some observers believe this attack is one of the most sophisticated and systematic. Many people believe the culprit is supported countries. In this case, the allegations led to Russia.

It is said that the attack in protest of Prime Minister Andrus Ansip policy. Protests occurred because Ansip dismantle a monument of Russian troops from the capital city of Estonia, Stallin.

Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet accused Russia directly involved in the attack. But they can not apply a strong bouts and the Russians were denied.

Beginning in 2012, an ethnic Russian hacker convicted in Estonia. Dmitri Galushkevic was first convicted hackers launch attacks.

3. Stuxnet

In 2010, the clamor occurred in Iran. A highly sophisticated computer virus targeting its nuclear facilities.

“The indications are, Stuxnet makers want to get into the system and was not found for a long time and make changes slowly and silently, without causing system failure,” wrote Liam O Murchu, Symantec Security Response researchers at the time.

Initially, Stuxnet worm commonly thought of as a fairly sophisticated. However, researchers found that the worm specifically targeting system ‘supervisory control and data acquisition “(SCADA).

SCADA systems are used to control the pipeline, nuclear power plants and other manufacturing tools. Because of its sophistication, Stuxnet was most likely made ​​in a country.

Furthermore, the researchers found that Stuxnet was designed to intercept a specific command from SCADA to a particular function. Although not yet certain what, but recent findings strengthen the notion that the target was a nuclear power plant in Iran’s Bushehr or Natanz.

Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, confirming the impact of the Stuxnet virus attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Some recognition of the damage has occurred.

“Our specialists have stopped (the virus) and they will not be able to do (damage) again,” said Ahmadinejad. The Iranian government believes, is the mastermind of this attack the United States or Israel.

A few moments later, Iran re attacked by Duqu, a virus which is considered as twin Duqu. Duqu and Stuxnet similarity properties led to speculation that this malware was made by the same person or cyber criminals behind Stuxnet Duqu developers to deliver code.

4. Flame

In 2012, Iran was again hit by a sophisticated cyber attack nan. This time, the virus named as Flame allegedly derived from Stuxnet.

Senior officials claim Iranian computer network that handles Iran’s oil sector, a virus attacked one of the most powerful computers today, Flame.

This virus has the capability that has never existed before, namely the ‘grab’ any existing data and ‘eavesdrop’ on the user’s computer.

“Experts in Iran have produced a kind of anti-virus which could identify and clean the Flame of the computer,” said Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Iran.

Many studies mention Flame’s security is actually sponsored by a state. Analyst at Symantec found that complex viruses using machines ‘honeypot’ and take into account the ‘suicide code’ that they send will remove all traces of the existence of Flame on the infected computer.

5. attack to NASA

Gary McKinnon is a British hacker who launched an offensive called the biggest military computer hack of all time. To the extent that he is arrested and threatened with severe punishment by the United States government.

McKinnon raided 97 computers belonging to NASA and the military. He did so during the 13 months between February 2001 and March 20012 at her home in London.

US authorities claim he deleted files is very important and the military’s deadly 2000 computer for 24 hours. McKinnon also stated that computer security in the United States as garbage.

McKinnon also copy of critical data and passwords to personal computers. Until now, McKinnon case has not been completed. The British government and the United States still tug on whether he will be tried in England or extradited to the United States.

6. Anonymous

Anonymous hacker group is engaged in hacktivism. They usually launch attacks to protest certain government policies, such as internet censorship.

One of the shocking attack carried Anonymous occurred in early 2012 policy Protest Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Anonymous launched a massive attack on a variety of important websites.

Like the Justice Department, FBI, Universal Music Group, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), and Broadcast Music, Inc.

Site the site had collapsed a few moments. Time Magazine had to enter Anonymous as one of the most influential groups in 2012.

In the world of hackers, Kevin Mitnick is a figure of legend. In the age of 16 years, Kevin has been breaking into the computer system Digital Equipment Corporation and Pacific Bell. Then the action deepened.

7. Kevin Mitnick

In the early 1990s, Mitnick was known to break into the network of major corporations including Motorola, NEC Corporation, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens.

He has also been ‘invaded’ the FBI. Mitnick was once crowned as the most wanted computer criminals before officers finally arrested in 1995.

He was sentenced for 46 months. Currently, the man born in 1963 was already penance and among other profession as a security consultant.

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