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Why You Can’t Skimp on Security

In just the past month or two, more and more major retailers have been announcing data breaches. So has one of the most popular cloud storage systems on the web. In addition, it was announced that a spear phishing campaign is targeting government and military agencies, and looking for data, not money, to steal. Yet despite that, a large number of small and medium size businesses are still in denial. They’re using outdated security systems or even none at all. Their reasons usually boil down to either ignorance (they think hackers and cybercriminals are only interested in the big guys) or money (they just don’t want to spend any on putting a strong security solution in place. Both of these reasons can put your business in serious jeopardy. Hackers and cybercriminals go after everyone, and you cannot afford not to have the best possible security. Data breaches erode customer trust, and without that, you have nothing.

Think you’re safe because you’re in the cloud? Think again. Two big cloud services, Dropbox and iCloud, were hacked recently. Having your data in the cloud does offer the security of knowing it will be safe in the event of equipment failure or natural disasters, but you still need AWS security or other solutions for your cloud applications and data. Your customers trust you with their personal information, and you need to do everything you can to keep that trust. Think of the PR nightmare you’d have if your customer’s data was stolen. Can you afford the business you’d lose, the possible fines, or the cost of having to provide free credit monitoring to all affected customers? Or would it be cheaper to invest in a comprehensive security solution to prevent all that from happening in the first place? The choice is yours.

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