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Does Blogging Pay Enough to Sustain Your Life

Nowadays, Blogging is not an unknown term anymore. It has been a profession and accepted by thousands of bloggers from across the world. I get known to this term during my college days and now it has changed my life. I am getting enough money to sustain my life through it. People often ask me how much I earn through my blogs and how many blogs I own? Well I?m not gonna disclose my earnings here but whatever I earn is all enough for me to?fulfill?my dreams and I am too much dreamy.

I know lots of bloggers who?quieted?their daily 9 to 5 job for blogging and now generating more money than their daily job. I also?quieted?my software engineer job to continue with my blogging. Now I think I taken the correct decision. ?It?s made my life as I never dreamed before. Whole world earn when they works but we earn even when we are sleeping.

It could be a great profession for you but if you going to enter in this world, you should be ready to make yourself too hard and you should know some facts.

  1. Blogging is not a one night job.
  2. You can?t get results always in your?favor.
  3. A single mistake can ruin your blogging career.
  4. You have to be active blogger on your blog. You should listen to your visitors and answer them.
  5. If even after working so hard you are not getting your bread and butter, make your heart hard and accept the fact;?it?s not made for you.

Blogging lure newbie bloggers and they entered into this world, some make it source of their bread and butter without any difficulties while some give up very early.? You should always start blogging as a part-time work and when you found it?s paying you well then after you should make it your full-time job.

It?doesn’t?matters whether you are a student, a housewife, or a well matured person the only thing you need to enter into this world is; a creative mind, and basic knowledge of internet.

Start a blog and add unique and useful contents into your blog. When your blog start receiving enough traffic you can monetize your blog with AdSense or any other ad network. ?You can also start publishing paid posts according to your blog?s niche. If you will follow these 5 tips you will keep getting your blog on top.

  1. Make your blog a source of great contents.
  2. Listen voice of your visitors.
  3. Make your article sticky.
  4. Don?t incorporate too much ad slots on your blog homepage and post pages.
  5. Keep updated your blog with the recent topics and keep perfect keyword ratio inside your articles.

Don?t expect so much from your blog at?beginning? it takes time at least 3 months to start seeing the positive result of your effort. The last thing you should take care is keep experimenting with your blog. So the answer is, if you blog smartly no doubt it can be the source of your bread and butter and will pay you enough to sustain you life.

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