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The Five Most Useful Cloud Databases That Business Owners Need To Know About!

The reasons why cloud databases are becoming more and more sought after is that they eliminate the need for specific infrastructure. It allows significant savings that would otherwise be spent on infrastructure. The features of the cloud include:

  • It is scalable. You do not need to worry about a set limit. You can store a small application as well as large volumes of data without being worried about running out of space.
  • It is available. You can access the stored data at any point in time. Hence, one can be assured that they will be able to quickly access all their data at any given point of need.
  • It is durable. You know that your data is safe an intact when you are saving all of this data in the cloud databases. There is no loss of data, much less any unwanted alteration of data.

The most useful databases

The five of the most useful databases include:

  • Amazon web services:These web services have a large variety of database services that are mostly cloud-based. These include NoSQL as well as relational databases. The Amazon Regional Database runs either of the three: Oracle, MySQL, and SQL server. The Amazon SimpleDB is used for smaller workload and is schema-less. There are several other such databases in the Amazon web services.
  • Enterprise DB: The reason Enterprise DB has received so much attention is that it was able to work with Oracle database applications. It focuses mainly on open source PostgreSQL databases. The PostgresPlus Advanced Server is used by organizations to be able to use the applications that are written for on-premise Oracle databases. It runs in clouds from HP and Amazon web services.
  • Garantia Data:For those who want to run open source Memcached and Redis in-memory NoSQL database services, Garantia can provide a gateway service in Aw’s cloud. Garantia’s software allows automatic configuration of open source data platforms. They do so by helping developers in scaling nodes, creating clusters and architecting for fault tolerance.
  • Google Cloud SQL: The two major products that Google’s cloud database is centered on is the Google Cloud SQL and Google BigQuery. Google Cloud SQL is a fully relational database structure quite MySQL. Google BigQuery allows the user to run queries on huge datasets that are stored in its clouds.
  • Microsoft Azure: The SQL server technology is used to provide the relational database. It allows customers to access either a SQL database in the cloud or hosted SQL server instance on virtual machines.

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