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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Blog is not Making enough Money

Starting up a Blog is a great way to earn some passive income along with your regular incomes only if you deal?genuinely?with your blog. Few years back the blogging came in to action by those bloggers who just want to share their?knowledge?and help out others. Now the faces has been changed and these days a lots of young faces could be seen in blogosphere. And the motive of blogging also has been changed to Make Money instead of Share Knowledge. But here still some bloggers could be seen who has been?established?an amazing?equilibrium between both, they are running Make Money Blog along with serving valuable?information instead of just making fool of newbie bloggers.

A lesson should learn every blogger is, ‘If you think just about tactics of making money from your blog since the first day, remember there are 99.99% chance you would get fail’. ?First of all you should make a?reputation?of your blog and subscriber base then after you should think about the possible ways to monetize your blog contents. I saw many bloggers who has huge traffic but they still complain that their blog is not earning?pretty?well. The only reason behind this is they are not?utilizing?their blog’s traffic in correct way. ?Even after having huge traffic they could be seen?complain?about low CTR rates and low CPC rates on various forums and communities. Here i am going to share 5 possible reasons why a Blog is not making enough money.

Showing Too Many Ads

Some blogger thinks if they show too many ads they will earn more. No it’s not true. If you are showing too many ads from a single Ad Networks then no doubt you are getting low CPC rates. Its my tested?experience?if you show single Ad instead of 2 or 3 Ads from the same Ad Network you will earn less.

A simple example, Mr. A and Mr. B both are blogger and having equal amount of traffic,?equal?CTR and same niche. A showing 3 Ads on every single page while B?inserted only 1 Ad per page from same Ad Network. Then who will earn more. If you thinking A will earn more than you are wrong no, arguably B will earn more.

A very simple reason behind this is, Bidding rate for Ads on B would be higher than of A. This will turn into higher CPC rate for Ad on B‘s blog. Now see this in numbered figure,

A’s Blog B’s Blog
Blog Traffic 5000 5000
CTR 5% 2.5%
CPC $.20 (3 Ad Slots) $.50 (1 Ad Slot)
Total Clicks 250 125
Total Earnings $50 $62.5

Total Difference: $62.5 – $50 = $12.5

All those calculation are not just imaginary but examined on my own blog of Tech Niche. You can see that A has high CTR rate, More Ad Slots, and more number of Clicks but even after that earned less as compare to B’s Earnings. The Difference is just of $12.5 but this could be more depends upon your Blog’s niche and origin of traffic. So don’t ever believe in this myth that showing more ads will drive more money to your pockets.

Not Using Keywords Effectively

If you are monetizing your blog with Google Adverts but not using Google?s Adwords Keyword Tool then you are missing a huge opportunity to earn more from?existing?traffic. Keywords will get your blog found, and getting found means increasing traffic. I have written a separate article on how to use keywords inside articles. In a nutshell, title your article accurately and without puns. Google bots will not understand irony or play-on-words. But remember never do Keyword Stuffing ever, otherwise this will turn to penalization.

Before Writing any article use Adword Keyword Tool and search for the related keywords, and target low competitive keywords instead of high, this will increase your chance of getting higher ranks on SERPs. Search for high paying keywords and use them?genuinely?on your articles.

Lack of Content on Each Blog Page

Short articles or pages that simply contain graphics or affiliate links instead of textual?contents,?will not get your blog found. Make sure each page contains a body of text of at least 400 words (more if possible), and that the quality of the article is good; no typos, no grammos. Keep it interesting and informative. This could be understood easily. An article with 400 words always has more chance to got more ads instead of article with 150 words on the similar topic.

More words means more keywords and Keywords?Phrase, means more?appearance?of Search Engines and?Ads?bidding. Although this factor doesn’t apply on micro blogging sites.

Your Blog is Not People Friendly

It doesn’t matter how much traffic your blog is?receiving?when it’s not visitor friendly, it always earn less. The bounce rate of your blog (the rate at which a person clicks into your blog and clicks right out) is likely to be high if your blog simply isn?t people-friendly. This might be due to nasty pop-up adverts or ghastly colours that make reading the blog a strain on the eyes. There are a small list of factors that makes your blog unfriendly.

  • Unreadable Font or Small Font size.
  • Too many Ads on First Fold (visible screen area without scroll).
  • Too Many Outbound links, Affiliate Links, Auto Redirecting Pages etc.
  • Typos and Grammos (Typographical and?Grammatical?Mistakes).
  • Not easy to navigate. Perhaps the link list bears no logic, or information is difficult to find.

If your blog has any of issue from above list make sure to fix them as soon as possible.

Bad Placement of Google Adverts on your Blog

Better Ad Placement is one of the must take step if your Blog getting low CTR. Research has shown that the placement of ads on a blog page can determine whether someone clicks on it or not. The left-hand margin and the header of the webpage are two popular locations webmasters use for Google ads. But every webpage layout is different. The secret is to experiment and try out different ad placements and see how it performs. Stick to blue for your link colour and prefer a blend-in colour for the background of your ads. ?Set Link and Texts colors on your Ads similar to the Page, so that most of time Ad would look like as a part of content.

Ad Below the Title, Menu Bar and First fold of your sidebar are some popular places to place your Ads. Ad just below title performs most better. Follow all these tips if your blog is not making money with adsense.

I did share my views on Top 5 reasons why you blog is not making enough money, well now its your turn, share your views about the article, and let me know what you think about the topic.

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